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jp - Jun 13, 1999 18:35 (200.220.*)
Who's who in the Serbian Cafe? (66)

I will maintain the list as long as motivated, posting it twice a day. You can post your data as an answer to this posting, but better send a copy to because the board is cleaned every so often and I have lost some of the data already (please include your nickname).
Lets play fair, no lies! (so you may post your birth date or not!):

Adelaida - May 14, 1999 00:23 (206.172.*) The only thing I can say is that I "hate" what is happening in my country where I was born. My father is a Muslim, my mother is catholic, I am Christian catholic (I suppose, don't know yet). Now, people from there would tell me to say that I am either Bosnian or Croatian. Well sorry everyone, I am from what you use to call Yugoslavia, where everyone loved and respected everyone until, I don't know what happened, but it did.

Aleksandar Vojvoda - Jun 12, 1999 17:20 (152.163.*): Engineering type who used to work on the equivalent Space program to the 'Buran' now employed in the "private" aviation-transportation sector. Assisted in cargo integration of European Space Agency experiments, LDEF. GAS-CAN's, and the cancelled Centaur IUS mod. 39 years of age,6 ft.,185 pnds.,likes vintage BMW's, gardening, and other odd,quirky things. Believes that the best insurance is 'preparedness' so has a small supply of food and survival gear(including a Zastava rifle) just in case Y2K turns ugly. I am against NATO and have had to re-examine my thinking about the "WEST".I would list my politics as "Nationalist"- partly as a reaction to the mouthpieces of the New World Order using this term as a demonization technique(they were, and still are, using the term "Isolationist" also).I believe that an armed society is a polite society ,and the facts pertaining to the US States that have implemented the "Concealed Carry" laws bear that out. If you can agree with most of what I have written, than you can agree that ,in a sense, WE ARE ALL SERBS!

Alexandr - May 15, 1999 07:39 (205.188.*): Cosmopolitan individualist

Almurtach - May 29, 1999 12:16 (194.219.*) Palestinian-Lebanese civil engineer student in the Greek National Polytechnic school. aged 34. Ex-member of South Lebanese paramilitary units, fought in South Lebanon against Israeli occupation forces (1984-1987). Twice injured. Have blown up one personnel carrier with an RPJ. Decided that war is futile in all its expose'. PEACE to the world.

angry man - May 24, 1999 07:01 (195.242.*): Russian, was born in St.Petersburg at February 23 of 1973. I hate any NATO countries citizen, because they pay taxes for criminal war of USA politician and their European stupid accomplices.

Archdeacon, The - May 22, 1999 10:36 (12.76.*): Mid-late twenties, anti-Nato, anti-KLA, anti-Milosevic, wish the Western governments actually cared about some of the real people involved in this conflict. American. Musician and writer by night, mild-mannered desk-jobber by day.

Captain america - May 15, 1999 11:30 (205.188.*): 38 yrs old,Married,3 children (8,5,1)Irish-Scots-German-Lithuanian(all 3rd generation).Living in New Jersey from ages 0-20,Florida 20-35,presently in North Carolina. Formerly worked on Space Shuttle, currently still in aerospace. Against Milosevic and Clinton, I am also against this stupid NATO attack on Yugoslavia and have generally opposed New World Order orchestrations.

Captain Sarcastic - May 28, 1999 17:16 (209.220.*): Joe Shmoe's alter-ego. I appear when I have something to say that is too inflamatory, insulting, or plain smart-alecky for the average Joe Shmoe. I am often surprised at how people sometimes agree with me.

Clive - May 22, 1999 20:26 (195.147.*): 189 cm, 100 kg arrogant, pompous, single, middle-aged self-appointed English polemicist and scourge of the politically correct. Brain the size of a planet. Militant francophile trained in Paris and Nice, professional linguist, consummate European, passionate bullfight enthusiast, implacable opponent of NATO's aggression against heroic people of Serbia, likes a good laugh.

DD - May 16, 1999 18:20 (193.203.*): 20 yo girl from Pancevo, Yugoslavia, 175cm, 55kg, ruby red hair and brown eyes, a student at the Belgrade Uni. (major in Serbian language, minor in literature, a teacher-to-be),half Serb, 0.25 Romanian, 0.25 Austrian, a pacifist, oppose Milosevic and Clinton, hate to see my country and countrymen dying because of the lies on both sides, can't understand the people who are said to be well informed and open minded but tend to disagree with everything that's not in their favour.

DEZINTEGRACIJA - Jun 11, 1999 07:16 (195.92.*): ETHNIC Bosnian SERB. That's all that matters.

Dirty yank - May 14, 1999 00:08 (152.163.*): I'm Lithuanian and the Russians killed all my family so I joined the army to kill Serbs

DOVE - May 29, 1999 09:27 (203.46.*): best way to describe my self square peg in a round hole from down under. I'm pissed of to no end about the yankee arrogance and their disregard for natural justice. I'm 53 yo and father of six.

Duplo Ve - May 24, 1999 06:16 (194.83.*): Born in London, 22/03/1977. Moved back to Belgrade after 6 months, lived there until 1993. Currently: Britain Serb, orthodox. Non-xenophobic, but hate everyone who hates me (us). Roots from Hercegovina, Slavonia, Serbia First time on "Politics" after a while

Dutchman - May 15, 1999 07:38 (145.58.*): Dutchman. Living in Holland. 39 years, 85 kilos, two sons 5 and 3 years old, usually opposed to any war but now (27.05) relieved that action is taken against Milosevic.

ecstacyattack - Jun 7, 1999 21:36 (62.172.*): I'm a human being. I love politics-that sounds voyeuristic in this context. I unhappily anticipate chatting in a North Korean cafe within the year. For-free speech, the future. Against-the free market, therapy (not the pop group), technique.

Foxhound - May 16, 1999 19:34 (195.235.*): Foxhound am I. Born in Australia but now living in Spain. Well travelled I have served in two country's military services. Yes, I was even an intelligence officer and strategist, I served in the infantry and was trained as an Assault Pioneer (Specialist core). I don't spell two well but am not fond of Nato's propaganda nor USA politics.

Geoff - Jun 8, 1999 20:43 (194.168.*): English, 38, Master Mariner (Captain), Class 1. Now work in former Soviet country with Russians, Croatians & Muslims so I get to hear both arguments about this war. Have travelled the world for 21 years and been just about everywhere. This is how I know that people are basically the same, whatever Nationality, race or creed. There are good and bad everywhere, but I believe the bad aren't bad deep down, just frightened. Not particularly religious, but I do try to live my life according to principles and teachings from a book called "A Course in Miracles" which has had a profound effect on my life. Am increasingly concerned with abuse of power in government, and how so few can affect so many, but don't know what to do about it. Never married, no kids, don't see the point while I can still get away with dating 20 year olds!! Current girlfriend is Russian, 20, gorgeous... but I can't see it lasting so I'm open to offers !

Greekman - May 15, 1999 19:48 (212.54.*): Greek, 44, married, three children (9,7,4) white collar worker, studies in Business Mgt, Marxist, disgusted with Capitalism, especially its new phase of neo-liberalism, outraged with US-Nato's new role, consequence of which is the murderous attack in a sovereign country on the pretext of a humanitarian catastrophe (which they themselves in reality have created). Totally against "New World Order" of the rich on top of the poor...

Grof - May 21, 1999 06:04 (142.194.*): Born January 6th 1979 in Vojvodina, SERBIA - the same day Jesus and Mussolini were born. Have a bit of both - which would be - kind to everyone except to those who insult and disrespect me. A hard-line, right-wing Serb nationalist with stomach for everything but lies [and McDonalds]. 192cm, 95 kg, could smash an opponent in tete-a-tete discussion because of short temper. I support all those who respect the laws of the State of Yugoslavia. Hates Clinton and his administration as well as all NATO countries except Italy and GREECE. Have tremendous hope to inflict pain on those responsible for the genocide which started on March 24 @ 20:00 local time.

Happy Harry - May 23, 1999 12:41 (212.243.*): Ex-officer of the Swiss army, now a chemical freak developing modern pharmaceuticals. Therefor shocked about the fact, that so called "civilised" nations may react with that amount of barbarism. In war everyone keeps his hands dirty, even if they claim that its for human reasons they're conducting the war. By the way, I live in Switzerland and am married.

helena - May 14, 1999 01:33 (193.84.*): posting from Prague

herman - Jun 7, 1999 06:10 (195.212.*): born 03 of July 1962, living in Flanders (Belgium), I like swimming and athletics. I love fine arts. I speak Dutch (native language), French, English, German, Italian and Russian. Flemish nationalist, supporter of as well Croatian as Serbian nationalists. I am opposed against Marxism and Yankee.

Hitchhiker - May 26, 1999 00:12 (209.151.*): Vietnam War veteran. Served in the first cav in Vietnam in 1969. Believes Milosevic is an evil dictator who spreads hatred where ever he can. Hate war, anti-milosevic and anti-Clinton. I enjoy having intellectual conversation but am high tempered to those who offer insults... I am from the state of Georgia.

Hoodwink - May 20, 1999 22:29 (24.112.*): Born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Have come to the conclusion that Milosovic and his nationalistic agenda must be stopped. Have Serbian friends who are honest and noble and who don't agree with the views depicted by some at the Serbian Cafe.

ILLUMINATI ETC - May 20, 1999 23:56 (158.252.*): manic/depressive with schizoid tendencies. Currently reside Atascadero state mental inst. for the criminally insane. Trustee status ,please don't tell the warden I'm using his computer. P.S.-I AM TOTALLY OPPOSED TO BOMBING OF CIVILLIAN INFRASTUCTURE AND THE POSSIBLE GROUND WAR.

Jacob - May 25, 1999 20:07 (153.37.*): American by birth, southern by the grace of god. I've spent a little time in the Balkans in the late '70's. I've even been to Yugoslavia (as it was then, now it's Croatia and Macedonia). I've been everybody from Duke Nukem to Joan Baez on this board. I have seen the fathers and mothers of the people dying there, and they were not evil to me. Take it as a testimonial.

Jessica - May 22, 1999 06:40 (196.31.*): 14 year old American, born in New York, raised in Chicago, pure American, I hate Milosevic and all the other bad people who are killing the poor Albanians. Hope to visit Kosovo once the war is over. Have a boyfriend named Hake, but we might break up soon.(wink wink, nudge nudge!!)brown straight, smooth hair and brown eyes, my parents say I'm pretty. I am very happy to meet all of you.

JH - May 22, 1999 03:08 (153.37.*): Law student at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.; friend of certain Washington journalists and Clinton administration officials.

Joe Shmoe - May 28, 1999 13:27 (209.220.*): 28 yr old computer programmer in California (just outside Palo Alto, aka "silicon valley"). I am against armed actions, armies and killing in general, regardless of what the cause is. I think the real battle is not between countries, but between civilians and armies, between reason and force. I came here to get a better understanding of why this thing is happening and maybe find out if I can help put a stop to it.

Jp - May 13,1999 22:30: from Europe, living actually in Brazil, not Serb neither Albanian, hoping for peace.

kim - Jun 12, 1999 18:49 (194.168.*): staff nurse in a Belfast hospital. Loathe propaganda which demonises one side. Love truth. Support Serbian peoples stand against terrorism. Against NATO murder of serbian people. Grateful for Serbian and Russian stand against Nazis in 2nd world war.

krkan - May 13, 1999 22:50 (203.24.*): Serb and proud of it. 200 cm, 120 kg a real srbenda!

Logan - May 16, 1999 19:08 (207.175.*): American - 49 years old - Veteran of the Vietnam war. At present a school teacher in. Masters degree in Music - (teach instrumental music, trumpets, saxophones etc. to the kids). I've seen war up close and personal as they say, I've held young men in my arms as they died while crying for their mothers, I've seen what the impact of 500 and 1000 pound bombs have on us frail humans. Peace!

mao - May 27, 1999 08:41 (130.251.*): 24 years from western Europe, graduated in politics; I trust in god, i.e. I believe in the comrade mao. I despise the US and capitalism in general.

Marilyn - Jun 10, 1999 23:34 (216.76.*): I am a history professor in a small southern university in Louisiana, USA. I am old enough, that when I read the activities of others on this message board, I can say, "Been there, done that." I come home to a small mini farm (20 acres) located in a rural area. I am greeted by a love you know matter what you do Boston Terrier. My husband is a retired businessman who thinks a great day is working in his garden. I am very glad the peace agreement has been signed. I wish Serbians and Albanian Kosovars an opportunity to choose a new and better life. Both sides will be bitter, but if they have an opportunity to thrash it out, as we have, the healing process would be easier and faster.

Martin (via email): Born 09-01-63, Residence: Milwaukee, WI. Education: Marquette University, Milw. WI Business Major/Liberal Arts Minor. Single, only dependant is a
Dog named Foxy. My great-grandfather emigrated from Slovenia in 1918, great-grandmother from Finland in the same year. Politically, I am a fiscal conservative and a social moderate and declare as a Republican voter. (I did cut the rest, but would include a line or two more, jp).

max - May 23, 1999 10:10 (24.138.*): Canadian middle-aged male, anti-NATO, understands problems in Balkans to be complex, keeps coming back to this forum, feels kinship with people trying to make some sense of the madness, believes that Clinton, Blair, Albright and their followers are personally responsible for disasterous war in Yugoslavia.

michael - May 13, 1999 22:46 (206.191.*): Seattle area (Vashon island)

mikey formerly Michael - May 21, 1999 21:38 (202.61.*): from Sydney Australia. Opposes all forms of nationalism, opposes US-NATO aggression against Serbia. Rational and humane, and knows history. NATO cheerleaders handle with caution, can't stand Neanderthal hatemongers.

Mira - May 25, 1999 20:11 (207.175.*): female, ageless - Serbian Orthodox Christian - mother is first generation (Serbian) american, father is second generation (Irish) american.


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